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Moody Blues Go Now Decca Poster 1964

An original Moody Blues Decca Records "Go Now" (1964) promo poster (10"x 22").

Not only is this an attractive poster (& an easy size to frame) but it is an important piece of British Beat/Rock music history. This single release represented the "breakthrough" record for Brumbeat band The Moody Blues. Not only was it their first charting single but the song went to the top of the UK charts in Dec 1964 & hit #10 in the US in Feb 1965. "Go Now" was one of the first UK singles to be promoted with a bespoke promo film, something The Beatles emulated with later singles.


There is a small mark to the top of the woman's hair and a slight crease running through her face.


The artwork here is idiosyncratic in the style of the early Moodies marketing material & the day-glo "arrow" lends a good mod reference too.

Price: £145.00

Artist: The Moody Blues
Year: '1964
Category: 50 - 60's
Format: Poster
Condition: Excellent
Reference: 70629

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