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Korner Steamhammer Jellybread Flyer

A large Gig Flyer (6"x 10 1/2") for the Blues Loft Club at the Nag's Head, High Wycombe, advertising Gigs March 1969 including British Blues/Rock acts such as Alexis Korner, Jellybread, Steamhammer, Killing Floor etc together with great US Bluesmen such as Lightnin' Hopkins & Freddie King. We sometimes forget that the 60's Music scene was just as much about Pub Gigs as it was about Festivals & the Marquee. Also noteworthy, is that quite often, Touring US Blues musicians were often backed by iindigenous UK Groups, as here. A superb piece of British R&B Memorabilia.

Price: £70.00

Artist: Alexis Korner, Steamhammer, Jellybread, Freddie King, Lightnin' Hopkins, Killing Floor
Year: '1969
Category: 50 - 60's
Format: Flyer / Handbill
Condition: Excellent +
Reference: 65537

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