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Biddu India Publishing Contract 1969

An original publishing contract between Biddu Appiah & the Writers Workshop Ltd, for the words & music for "I'm The Universe", dated 2nd June 1969. The contract has been boldly signed by Biddu etc.


Biddu moved to England from India in 1967 & developed a career in music, chiefly as a music producer, composer & songwriter. Prominent in the development of early disco, by the mid-70's Biddu released albums under the name of the "Biddu Orchestra". Later Biddu also became heavily involved with the Indian pop scene too. A fascinating & unusual piece of music memorabilia, dating from the earliest beginnings of Biddu's career.

Price: £50.00

Artist: Biddu
Year: '1969
Category: 70's
Format: Contract
Condition: Excellent
Reference: 69239

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