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Madonna Thatcher Blitz Poster 1989

Madonna/Margaret Thatcher "Blitz" magazine poster (16 1/2"x 23 1/2") for Dec 1989. With the provocative title "Was This the woman of the eighties?" & the morphing of images of Madonna & Margaret Thatcher, this poster would certainly have caught the eye. A stylish piece of 1980's memorabilia.

"Blitz" magazine was one of the most influential British fashion/culture magazines of its time (1980-91). The magazine was known for it's stylish colourful front covers, these featuring on the posters used to promote each month's offering. Many of these photos/designs are now in the collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Poster unfolded with a few minor surface marks but overall in excellent condition.

Price: £145.00

Artist: Madonna
Year: '1989
Category: 80 - 90's
Format: Poster
Condition: Excellent
Reference: 71319

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