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Beatles Prototype Ransom Tie 1964

An original prototype Ransom (USA) Beatles tie (5 1/2"x 17" approx), c' 1964. This item was submitted for licensing approval but was not accepted & never went into production. It is probably the only one in existence. A fascinating & very rare piece of original Beatles memorabilia. Written provenance will be provided.

This item was acquired in 1998 from John Fenton, ex-director of SELTAEB.SELTAEB ("Beatles" spelt backwards) acquired control for The Beatles merchandising from NEMS in 1963, Brian Epstein agreeing to a 90:10 income split in SELTAEB's favour. When "Beatlemania" took hold & the full extent of The Beatles merchandising potential became clear, Epstein & The Beatles endeavoured to re-negotiate. Although a subsequent revision was agreed, years of legal wrangling followed & it is conservatively estimated that The Beatles lost up to $100m in income.

Price: £395.00

Artist: The Beatles
Year: '1964
Category: Beatles / 50 - 60's
Format: Clothing
Condition: Very good
Reference: 69803

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