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Friars CAN BJH Beck Gig Flyer 1973

An early Friars text-based flyer (double-sided at 8"x 13" approx), detailing Friars gigs Feb 1973, including Can, BJH, Beck Bogert Appice etc. The next gig on 10th Feb is rumoured in the flyer to be Savoy Brown (clearly the promotors were having "issues") but in the event Mott The Hoople played this gig. There is also discussion in the flyer of having to increase ticket prices from 75p to 100p in order to attract bigger bands!

Price: £40.00

Artist: Can, Barclay James Harvest, Beck Bogart and Appice, Mott The Hoople
Year: '1973
Category: 70's / Rock
Format: Flyer / Handbill
Condition: Very good
Reference: 69593

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