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Windsor Free Festival Documentation 1974

A collection of material relating to the Third Windsor Free Festival Aug 1974, including original double-sided festival flyer, plus two original A4 xerox-type flyers, one providing advice to festival goers about Police interference & the second a direct appeal to the Police (these handed out to attendees). There is also a 20-page Release legal brochure entitled "Truncheons In The Park", this detailing transgressions by the Police documented at the festival & prepared in Sept '74 (giving a fascinating insight into counter-culture mentalities, social order issues & Police "brutality"). A list of bands who performed at the festival written on the inside of a "Players No. 10" cigarette packet, is also included.


Bands known to have participated included Gong, Global Trucking.., Bliss, Witches Brew, Jeremy Spencer (ex-Fleetwood Mac) etc.

There were three Windsor Free Festivals 1972-74. Somewhat provocatively these were held in Windsor Great Park & by '74, the Police moved in to take action, involving arrests, harassment & incidents of violence. Although attempts were made to stage a fourth festival in 1975, the Govt. stepped in & provided an alternative venue at the old Watchfield airfield close to Swindon.


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Artist: Gong, Global Village Trucking Company, Bliss, Fleetwood Mac, Underground
Year: '1974
Category: 70's
Format: Flyer / Handbill
Condition: Very good
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