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John Otway Autographed Polydor Publicity Photo 197

John Otway autographed Polydor Records b/w publicity photo (mounted 12"x 16" approx).

This is likely to date c' 1978. Having signed to Polydor in 1977 with compatriot Wild Willy Barrett, Otway & Barrettt had a hit with "Really Free" Dec 1977. This photo is taken in New York so would date post the debut hit. With a large part of his signing on fee Otway bought himself a vintage Bentley but lacked the driving licence to drive it!

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Price: £65.00

Artist: John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett
Year: '1978
Category: Punk / New Wave
Format: Autograph
Condition: Very good
Reference: 72040

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