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Nude Mick Jagger Performance Poster 1970

An original nude Mick Jagger poster (15 3/3"x 22 1/2") c' 1970-73 relating to his film "Performance" (1970). For the purpose of decency we have "censored" a particular area of Mr Jagger's body (contrary to what Keith Richards suggested in his autobiography & according to this poster depiction, Jagger's smirk seems justified).


Directed by Donald Cammell & Nic Roeg, "Performance" courted controversy with it's themes of sex, gangland violence, disturbing mind games & association with the "bad boys" of rock, The Rolling Stones. The Rolling Stones connection was via Jagger in the starring role supplemented by Keith Richards current girlfriend Anita Pallenberg as co-star. Jagger & Pallenberg had a sex scene which Jagger apparently enjoyed a bit too much. Outtakes from this sex session later appeared at the "Wet Dream Festival" either 1970 or '71. These porn film festivals were organised by the Amsterdam-based underground magazine "Suck" whose later book "Virgin Sperm Dancer" (1973) carried several references to Jagger.


The poster carries no printer's information which suggests that this was an unofficial production (the depiction of a semi-aroused Jagger also supports this). We acquired this poster in the 1990's with a collection of late 60's-early 70's counter-culture material & have never seen another one before or since (given the "specialised" nature of the poster it is likely that the print run for this was strictly limited).

This is one of the rarest "Performance" posters in existence. It is also a very scarce piece of Rolling Stones memorabilia (though not one Keith Richards is likely to have approved of given Jagger's fling with Ms Pallenberg) & a fascinating counter-culture totem.


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Artist: Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones
Year: '1970
Category: Stones / 70's
Format: Poster
Condition: Excellent
Reference: 70626

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