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Nick Drake Sandy Denny Gig Flyer 1970

This is a fabulous piece of British folk-rock memorabilia. Although not mentioned on the flyer (5 1/2"x 8 7/8"), the "Special Guest" supporting Fotheringay at this Manchester gig, 20th March 1970, was none other than NICK DRAKE (see relevant corroboration here: https://www.uow.edu.au/~morgan/drake2.htm). Drake was tormented by stage-fright & could never acclimatise to the demands of live performance. His concert performances were few & far between & limited to a short-period, 1968-70 . Due to his retrospective appeal & cult status, any Drake concert memorabilia has now become much sought after.

In addition to the Nick Drake attraction, this flyer also provides a memento of Britain's pre-eminent female folk-rock singer, Sandy Denny. Bailing out of Fairport Convention in 1969, Denny formed the short-lived Fotheringay. The flyer proclaims "the debut tour of a Folk-Rock Super-Group!". Sadly, like Drake, Denny's life was cut short & she died in 1978.


A terrific piece of British music memorabilia & a flyer that remains in excellent condition. Would frame & display to great effect.

Price: £75.00

Artist: Nick Drake, Sandy Denny, Fotheringay, Fairport Convention
Year: '1970
Category: 70's / Rock
Format: Flyer / Handbill
Condition: Excellent +
Reference: 69832

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