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Beatles Ceramic Pendant Prototypes 1964

Two very rare Beatles ceramic pendant prototypes (by Jorg), c' 1964. These prototypes were submitted for consideration for merchandising licensing but the deal was never concluded & these items were not put into production. They therefore represent extremely rare examples of original (& early) pieces of Beatles merchandising memorabilia. Written provenance will be provided.

These items were acquired in 1998 from John Fenton, ex-director of SELTAEB. SELTAEB ("Beatles" spelt backwards) acquired control for The Beatles merchandising from NEMS in 1963, Brian Epstein agreeing to a 90:10 income split in SELTAEB's favour. When "Beatlemania" took hold & the full extent of The Beatles merchandising potential became clear, Epstein & The Beatles endeavoured to re-negotiate. Although a subsequent revision was agreed, years of legal wrangling followed & it is conservatively estimated that The Beatles lost up to $100m in income.

Price: £195.00

Artist: The Beatles
Year: '1964
Category: Beatles / 50 - 60's
Format: Clothing
Condition: Very good +
Reference: 69802

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