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Small Faces Zombies Dubious Poster 1965

A poster (20”x 30”) for gigs at the Rhodes Centre, Bishops Stortford in Nov 1965, including The WHO, Merseybeats & The Untamed. These gigs did take place but unfortunately this poster is believed to be a FAKE & presented here not for sale but for reference only.


In the 1990’s, posters for this concert venue began emerging on the market via regional auction houses. Eventually, a large London auction house sold a batch including posters for Pink Floyd, Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Cream etc. Interestingly most of these posters were “aged” in a similar fashion & some (like this WHO one) were pretty battered. Later, doubts were raised about the authenticity of these posters. See the following: http://www.whocollection.com/repros&forgeries.htm (note the communality of ageing).


Over the past 12-18 months several more posters like this have appeared in regional auction houses.

Price: £0.00

Artist: The Small Faces, The Zombies
Year: '1965
Category: 50 - 60's
Format: Poster
Condition: Fair
Reference: 70611

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