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UK Subs Cure SLF Friars 1981

Four notices handed out to attendees of Aylesbury Friars gigs, these being UK Subs 13/2/81, The Cure 18/4/81, Stiff Little fingers 2/5/81 & Killing Joke/UK Decay 25/7/81. The notices all welcome the attendees but then carry warnings about violence at gigs. Friars had a reputation as a friendly gig venue but the promoters were constantly worried that isolated outbursts of violence could lead to the banning of punk gigs in the town. Indeed, the Killing Joke note, talks about the local council ban on gigs at High Wycombe Town Hall for this very reason. The notices carry 3 different scripts. An interesting collection that hints at the difficulty promoters had in hosting naturally exuberant punk gigs & keeping the local authorities onside.

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Artist: UK Subs, The Cure, UK Decay, Stiff Little Fingers
Year: '1981
Category: Punk / New Wave
Format: Other
Condition: Very good
Reference: 68614

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