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Friars Van Der Graaf Pink Fairies Flyer 1971

A scarce early Friars gig flyer (single-sided, 8"x 13" approx). Early Friars flyers like this were purely text based but generally provided a mixture of info about the contemporary music scene, local gossip, gig reviews & news of forthcoming gigs. This particular flyer lists gigs for July-Aug 1971, including Van Der Graaf Generator, Atomic Rooster, Quintessence, East of Eden & the Pink Fairies.

A fascinating early piece of Aylesbury Friars gig memorabilia

Price: £40.00

Artist: Van Der Graaf Generator, The Pink Fairies, Atomic Rooster, Quintessence
Year: '1971
Category: 70's / Rock
Format: Flyer / Handbill
Condition: Very good
Reference: 69597

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