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Sting Hillage Hawkwind Radio Actors Vinyl 1979

A most ulnlikely collaboration between Sting (pre-Police), Steve Hillage (ex-Gong), Nick Turner (Hawkwind) etc on this 7" single record by The Radio Actors, entitled "Nuclear Waste", issued on Charly CYS 1058 in 1979. The Picture Sleeve & Vinyl are graded EX & are sold with a photo-copy of a Sounds review, Dec 1979 (this found inside the Sleeve & presumably used as a promotional tool as the record came from the Collection of an old Record Reviewer).

Price: £20.00

Artist: The Police, Steve Hillage, Gong, Hawkwind, Sting
Year: '1979
Category: Punk / New Wave / Rock
Format: Vinyl
Condition: Excellent
Reference: 66312

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